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Transitions Satisfied or Exchange

Claims Procedure/Terms and Conditions

  1. This guarantee is offered at the discretion of the practitioner. Other than the equivalent replacement clear pair of lenses and glazing (if it was part of the original order) Transitions Optical offers NO other refund or credit.
  2. The Guarantee is valid for the patients who have purchased Transitions lenses within the Satisfied or Exchanged programme and received a Transitions guarantee card from their optician.
  3. The guarantee only applies to the photochromic elements of the Transitions lenses and not to any frames or surfacing charges.
  4. If you are not satisfied with your Transitions lenses, you have 30 days from date of spectacle dispatch to return them to your practice and claim a replacement clear pair. No cash alternative available.
  5. The consumer must return the Transitions lenses to the store along with the corresponding receipt.
  6. A claim form must be accurately and fully completed by the dispenser clearly stating the reason for return. The lenses must be sent with the claim form.
  7. The claim form also constitutes the order form for the replacement pair.
  8. It is the responsibility of the dispenser to pass the necessary refunds, credits or reversals to you or medical scheme involved.
  9. The replacement clear lenses will be the same material, design, prescription and index as the original pair of Transitions lenses ordered, and with the same coating, if relevant.
  10. No exchange will take place if the lenses have been scratched, damaged or broken in any way.
  11. Offer does not apply to lenses other than Transitions lenses within this promotion.
  12. The purchase of a pair of Transitions lenses from a participating practice during the above-mentioned period implies the acceptance of these terms and conditions.